5 Reasons That Will Compel You To Visit Panama Right Now

Casco streets by Moises Delgado on 500px.com

There are plenty of reasons that will allure you to make the prompt decision to book the next flight to Panama. The tiny nation facilitating thriving business across pacific and Atlantic from time immemorial scores high for a history buff and a nature lover’s radar.

There are plenty of Americans, who find it the apt place to spend the retirement days in relax mood. Beer is cheap, living cost on a daily basis comes up to $35 to 40. Hence why not?

However, do not think panama is a country exclusively for the elder generation. Life is fast paced here since the Panama City houses major international banks from across the globe. Volume of transaction takes place on a daily basis since business provides strong domestic product count for the nation’s economy.

Following are the reason why you may want to pack your bags in the name of this Latin American country the next time you wish to fly.

Cheap Country

With daily hostel rent starting as low as 10 Dollars and food bill charging you less than $5 for a hearty meal of chicken, beans and salad; Panama the country is an inexpensive place to travel to.

Flights are regular and not costly either. If you are long term traveler and do not mind cooking your own meal, once in a while, you will end up saving even more. Drink more of Beer when is panama. The goof frothy can, ideally a domestic produce, shall not cost you more than 2 USD.

The Panama Canal

The historic Panama Canal has been facilitating trade between continents for more than a century now. Tourists flock here mainly to witness the locks operating an elevation for the ships to advance from one ocean to another. Meanwhile, do take the old fashioned locomotive ride providing a grand view and reliving the Spaniard colonial legacy of the country.

The Transit Point To Latin America

For many discerning travelers, a visit to the Central American country equates with exploring the expanse of Latin America. The exquisite rainforest, azure beaches, simple dainty locals (which also includes UNESCO World Heritage Sites Casco Viejo, the oldest city in the Americas) are well worth exploring.

Beach Life

Surrounded by the gigantic oceans of Atlantic and Pacific, the country is the best bait for those who seek to laze around in the tropical paradise beaches. They conjure up few of the best waves of the globe, making it a perfect choice for surfers. Bocas del Toro is my quintessential choice to relax in the mangrove coves or fishing by the sea when in Panama.

Lush Greenery

Fancy living amid a coffee plantation that facilitates with world class relaxation amenities? Look no further than plantation in Boquete, namely Café Ruiz or Finca Lerida. Do not forget to taste the coffee as well. Once sated, head for Volcan Baru National Park. This is the only volcano in Panama. If you are lucky you might as well spot one Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most colorful bird of the world.

Basis on the aforesaid reasons, Panama is one of the best relax zone for me. I can indulge in my creativity, soak in the glorious exhibit of nature, eat great sea food by the beach and yet not burn a hole in the pocket. The daily life is extremely affordable in the country. Please feel free if you are a Panama fan as well and have traveled to find any exclusive gem in the country that you would like to recommend for me!

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