5 Unique Experiences In Vietnam One Must Include In Their Trip Plan

Vietnam is the country of majestic mountains, dense forests, lush green rice fields, serene beaches, and of course, warm and welcoming people. When I visited Vietnam, I was awestruck by extremities here. You will come across bustling streets as well as tranquil villages. You will find touristy beaches and hidden water bodies. You will get to explore caves that take you deep into the bowels of the Earth and you will also get to climb peaks that offer panoramic vistas. So, to make vacation planning easier, I’m offering this list of five unique experiences in Vietnam. Do not forget to include this in your itinerary to actually understand the country.

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Can Tho

5 unique experiences in Vietnam one must include in their trip plan - can tho

One of the biggest cities in the country, Can Tho is popular amongst tourists as the city of floating markets. Locally known as Cho Noi, visiting these markets on Hau River will give you a chance to soak in the local flavour. The markets usually start even before the dawn and are over before noon. So, try to go as early as possible to witness the buzzing boats loaded with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will be back in the city before 12 pm to visit other tourist attractions like bird gardens and Cần Thơ City Museum.

Marble Mountains

5 unique experiences in Vietnam one must include in their trip plan - marble mountain

Pic by xiquinhosilva

The cluster of five hills made up of marble and limestones is famous as Marble Mountains. This is one of the unique experiences in Vietnam which is not exactly a hidden gem, it is yet to be flooded with tourists. These ancient hills are home to numerous caves, tunnels, Buddhist sanctuaries, and Hindu grottoes. You can also buy souvenirs from surrounding villages as the locals make exquisite marble sculptures. You can use a vacation planner to create a detailed itinerary before planning a trip.

Hội An

5 unique experiences in Vietnam one must include in their trip plan - hoi an

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and proudly owns the tag of a food lover, you must visit the ancient town of Hội An. This is the only city where you will get to taste this delicious bowl of Cao lầu. Cao lầu is the traditional Vietnamese dish made up of noodles, vegetables, and pork. Order Bia hơi, authentic draft beer, to complement the cuisine and pamper your taste buds to no end. The city is also one of the finest examples of Southeast Asian trading ports, and proves how it was the cultural melting pot in the past.

The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

5 unique experiences in Vietnam one must include in their trip plan - mui ne

I had never thought that looking at the vast barren landscapes will give me goosebumps. But, the moment I came across white and red sand dunes in the town of Mui Ne, I had no words to describe the surreal beauty it holds. Finding yourself surrounded by the constantly changing landscapes is bound to be the highlight of the trip. if you are interested in exploring the outdoors, you can book activities online to make things easier. This family-friendly destination will also let you enjoy sand boarding with your loved ones.

Halong Bay

5 unique experiences in Vietnam one must include in their trip plan - halong bay

Visiting Halong Bay is a magical experience. It is one of the few places where past and present co-exist. The emerald green waters surrounded by limestone islands that are covered with thick woods look ethereal. Rent a kayak and explore the waters or try diving and swimming to find yourself in the heart of this natural wonder. Take a helicopter tour, and be amazed by the spectacular beauty. You will understand why it was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Plan your trip in spring or autumn i.e from August to October or from February to April to encounter the unique experiences in Vietnam.

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