Introduction To Life’s A Suitcase

Hi readers. Thank you for taking a few minutes to stop by. My name is Sai and I am a travel blogger by profession. I have been travelling for the past five years and am still travelling. I have been to different places in five different continents and am still going to more places. This is why I refer to myself as a suitcase man. I virtually live in a suitcase because I have no idea when I will stop junketing around the world and remain at home.

For now, I don’t have a home. I move from one country to another in a matter of days. After some time, I realized that my travels will be in vain if I don’t share my experience for people to learn. So, I decided to begin writing this travel blog.

One of the objectives of this travel blog is to list several wonderful things to do in different countries as a way of motivating people to travel to those countries.

Secondly, my travel blogs tell you what to expect so that you can be fully prepared. For instance, if you travel a lot like me, you will encounter culture shocks regularly. If you are not well-prepared for it, it can jeopardize your fun and pleasure.

Another major objective of my blogs is that they give tips on how to find cheap flights, cheap accommodations and cheap food in different countries. My blogs also help you avoid being ripped off by cheats who will like to take advantage of your being a visitor to charge you higher.

These are what my blogs will address. For instance, this blog covers several activities in Athens that people are not aware of. So many tourists visit Athens and they miss out these very interesting places and activities. You will discover them when you take the time to read the blog. In fact, it is highly recommended for those that may be travelling soon especially those that will be traveling to Athens.

So, all in all I hope this blog will be an interesting read.

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