Coorg Culture – Explore With Family During Your Sojourn In India

Perched atop the rolling green hills of the Western Ghats, Coorg is a popular vacation destination in Karnataka. Offering truly mesmerizing scenery and the heady aroma of coffee and spice plantations, Coorg culture offers you and your family more than just the beauty of Mother Nature.

coorg culture

Photo by Sushmitha.preethambalanjira [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

The Local People

The Kodava people of Coorg, or Kodavu, have their own unique cultures and customs. On your next vacation to this heavenly hill station, you can interact with these people and learn more about their history. Although these people consider themselves Hindu, they also believe in worshiping their ancestors. Every home has a small shrine, where photos or idols of the ancestors are put up. The family unit, known as the Okka, then pray to these idols and offer their obedience to them. In every home you visit here, you will find a lamp known as Nellaki Bolucha in the main hall. This light honors the first patriarch of the family.

The Traditional Dress

While women from this area do wear a sari, the method in which the dress is draped is very unique. The sari pleats are at the back, instead of below the navel, and the pallu passes under the left arm, before being secured over the right shoulder. By dressing like this, the women leave their arms free for their agricultural work.

The vastra, which is a long veil tied at the neck, was once worn by every woman belonging to Coorg culture of India. Today, however, it is only donned by married women during important ceremonies.

The Kodava men will generally wear a black or white tunic, known as a kupya, which is secured with a red silk sash that is decorated with gold embroidery. Many men also carry an ornate dagger in this chele (sash) and will have a red scarf or turban tied around their head.

Relationship With Nature

One of the most important aspects Coorg culture is nature worship. In fact, most of the jewellery worn by the locals is inspired by nature. The Coorgi people consider the River Cauvery to be their mother. This is partly because of a legend which states that Lord Brahma summoned the people of Coorg when the river was going to be formed. Apparently, the Kodagu people gathered at Talacauvery and became the first to enjoy a dip in the holy waters after the Goddess appeared and turned into the river.

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