How To Save Money For A Wedding In India

India is a country full of culture and festivities. The country of colors and customs, traditions and grace and let’s not forget the extravagant festivities. One of the many things India is famous for is its traditional wedding. Indian weddings are famous because they are full of customs and color. You cannot get bored there as there is so much to do at an Indian wedding.

The wedding usually lasts 3 days with a variety of functions taking place. But before the wedding there are many pre-wedding parties that take place like sangeet, engagement, tilak and many more. The guest list contains a lot of people and you will see people wearing bright colors mostly.

An Indian wedding is an extravagant affair with a plethora of functions and it can cost you a hefty amount of money. If you are looking forward in attaining your dream wedding but are short of monetary resources, you have nothing to worry about; for there are some techniques that can help you in making your dream wedding come true, all the while staying in budget.

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A wedding involves a lot of things due to which it can get expensive but if you do it rightly and sensibly then you can have a good wedding and stay in your budget at the same time. All you need to do is follow some of these tricks.

Make A List

First of all you need to make a list of all the items that you need to get, you can categorize your list. For example, you can list down all the kitchen related items in one category and so on. In this way you won’t forget anything and you’ll get a head start on the wedding planning in India.


After your list is ready and you’re ready to get those items, you need to think before you storm into a shop and buy things. There are a lot of shops selling the same stuff at a much lower price so you need to choose wisely. You can visit some thrift shops as the prices there are pretty reasonable compared to the rest. First do a quick survey of the shops and then buy something.

Invitation Cards

You can print invitation cards at home. Graphics for them are available on the web. What ever you want like a sea turtle clipart, it’s there.

Choose One Venue

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If you want to have multiple functions then avoid choosing multiple venues because if you choose a single one then you can get a discount on the overall package. Also there would be only one venue to decorate. By searching online, you can get a perfect wedding venue in your city. For example, search on WedMeGood for venues in Delhi if you are getting married in Delhi. You can find banquet halls in Chattarpur, South Delhi, North Delhi and other localities on the site.

Choose Season Wisely

If you get married in off season then you are likely to get a good venue at a lower price. Also the weekends are usually more expensive so if you are not keen on weekends then choose a weekday instead.


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There are a lot of boutiques that offer bridal clothes on rent so if you are on a tight budget then you rent a dress instead of buying it because a bridal dress is quite heavy and formal so it can be expensive. In the same manner, you can use family heirlooms instead of buying jewelry or you can artificial jewelry as this would save you a lot of money.


Pictures and videos are a form of memories of your big day. They are a huge part of your wedding and you cannot exclude it. Therefore, what you can do is hire someone from your friend circle as you’ll get a more reasonable rate in this way and you won’t be missing out on those beautiful pictures.

You can make your dream wedding come true by just being a little careful on how you spend your money. Other than that follow the tips and achieve your ideal wedding.

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