From The Air – Glacier Country New Zealand

There are quite a number of glacier countries around the world. However, one of these countries that you would love to see sooner is New Zealand. But why the New Zealand?

Although the features that make this region called what it is today are melting away gradually, but still it is a desirable country. This is as a result of the increased rate of global warming around the globe. With the increasing rate of daily average world temperatures, these ancient glaciers are severely bearing the burnt of global warming.

However, there is much more to know about the area. In New Zealand’s glacier regions, you will be amazed by the many things you can engage in when you take a tour there. For instance, from the towering mountain peaks to the picture perfect lakes you will be mesmerized.

Why Choose the Helicopter Tour?

Franz Josef glacier and Fox glacier are the two main glaciers present in the country. There are different ways for you to access the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers and view them clearly.

For instance, through a long walk or through a helicopter tour. Driving from the camp to where these two glaciers are located is about 30 minutes. You can arrive there through different routes. But the most fascinating is by the helicopter.

From a helicopter looking down over the glacier can be thrilling. You can take a scenic flight in a helicopter and have a great experience over to the Franz Josef & Fox glaciers. You can even land on and walk on the ice yourself depending on the tour you choose.

Touring with a helicopter around these glaciers can range from about a quick ten minutes flying over to landing on the glacier where you can take a walk. Rather through an experience guide, you can decide to go on a challenging hike through the ice.

Note – However, to fully enjoy your walk on the ice, there are certain tips you need to adhere to. For instance, it is advisable you go with a sturdy footwear and a warm jacket to take a freedom walk around the glacier. It is important for you to be aware of the fact that there is a certain maximum altitude and distance you can get up to.

Like you can get within 100 meters of the ice, but going farther onto the ice will require a special boots and guide. While walking on the glacier, there are so many things you get to learn, like getting to learn about the wonderful forces of nature at work, as you get to observe how glaciers have carved out hanging valleys from those kettle lakes.

Having a helicopter tour through the glacier country like New Zealand can be very amazing. It is indeed a truly wonderful experience.

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