You Were Never In Athens If You Have Not Done These Things

Athens, the largest city in Greece and also its capital. It’s known as one of the oldest cities in the world. Ancient landmarks are visible, showing its love for tradition and yet there’s an infusion of modernness when you see skyscrapers, hotels, boutiques and so on.

This beautiful city has so much to see and do – it promises to be educative, entertaining and so much fun!

So you ask yourself “where do I begin, now that I’m here?” Well, here are some fun things I suggest you to do that will give you the full experience of Athens.

Visit Acropolis & It’s Museum

One of the must do things to do is to visit the Acropolis. With its old crumbling columns, you would be reminded how and where the civilization we now enjoy all originated.

The Acropolis museum is a modern masterpiece whose architecture is based on Parthenon itself.

Take A Cooking Class

The wide variety of spicy dishes is to die for. Learn how to prepare famous delicious dishes like Gyros, Kebabs and Souvlaki. Have fun learning about different simple Greek dishes that you can enjoy even after your visit.

Have Greek Coffee

Make friends with the natives over a cup of dark strong Greek coffee. It’s not different from other coffees, but it does have an acquired taste. The cafes are built differently from those you are used to.

Here people sit down over a cup of coffee and talk for hours or play backgammon as they sip their coffee slowly. It’s a way of life that seems to say “just take a cup of Greek coffee and relax”. It’s a lovely tradition that gets you meeting new friends.

Don’t Stifle The Wanderlust

Walk, walk, walk! From National gardens to the African rain forest that’s right in the midst of Athens; to the temple of Zeus, which took a thousand years to build (although it remains uncompleted) to the Benaki museum, there are plenty of things you will discover while strolling in Athens.

See the dazzling skyscrapers, the beautiful cafes, white apartment buildings that go on and on. Stroll through the city and see it’s different faces everywhere you go.

Visit The Central Market

You don’t have to buy anything but it’s fun just watching the hustle & bustle of buyers & sellers. The trucks unloading their wares, the incredibly low prices on food stuff and lots more.

This market is sandwiched between Eolou street and Anthinas street. The two most interesting  streets in Athens. Just be mindful of your purse strings while wandering through the market crowd.

Set Sail At Port Piraeus

Gliding through the Aegean sea as you gaze at the city from the river is breathtaking. The apartment buildings, the ancient landmarks, the mountains of Parnitha, Hymettos & Pendeli. It’s freeing.

These are just a few things you can do that will leave the city of Athens forever in your memory.

Have fun!

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