Where To Find Cheap Accommodations In USA

The bright and sunny home of Uncle Sam may seem to be expensive with natural abundance as well as business expeditions flourishing everywhere. But for those who know how to search and search well, it is not a challenge to find an array of accommodation that will not charge a fortune, instead assure comfort along with exotic experience. Tourism is a thriving business here in USA with millions of expats and backpackers, hence stays of cheaper range have spurred up in the eco system.

Home Stays

Home stays these days are leading the way for backpackers. The unknown corner of a snowy mountain, refusing to host a palatial structure of a hotel, will happily tuck away a home stay in the wilderness. Quirky, rustic and warm, home stays will show you the way locals have been living in their habitat, time immemorial, allowing a heady cocktail of experiences for an enthusiastic backpacker with quintessential earthy feel, away from the maddening crowd of the city.


Hostel serves as the best option for people with zeal to meet new people from across the globe, learning new culture, making friends for lifetime, meeting like-minded people. Often hostels strive together for ethical and sustainable tourism endeavors of the destination. Buzzing with the spirit of youth, hostels are the “go to” destination for millennial backpackers who can even work from the comfort of modern amenities (WiFi etc) and enrich from shared learning experience. Often the notion goes hostels are dirty which is quite far from truth.


Started as a cheap alternate stay platform, Airbnb these days offer quite an array of stays ranging from a backpacker’s budget to exquisite villa stays. Opt for Airbnb if a quite stay is what you are looking for with all amenities like hotel ready at your doorstep. It is a favorite choice of elderly travelers or budget travelers with a group of friends. With a possibility to rent for longer stay for a month or so, Airbnb’s provide excellent accommodation options within budget even in cities with higher cost of living like NYC.

Farm Stays

Since organic lifestyle is a trend these days, farm stays are elusive emerging accommodation options. From cheese making to planting new seed on a soil, you may choose to be an observer if getting your hands dirty is not the exact experience you are looking for. Exotic in it’s true sense Farm stays allow you to experience a life unseen to city dwellers, amidst herds of goats or lambs, with real people, in wooden cottages, in the distant most parts of the country. An extremely unusual holiday experience awaits you for sure.

House Sitting

Often professionals have to leave their home with work assignments for long or short terms leaving the empty house or pets alone at home. They look forward for people who will volunteer to take care of the house (often pets including) during the time of absence. And what is more? You might even get paid for these stays. Be advised house-sitting is best suited for people who travel slowly. In my opinion, to experience a city life and exhaust the array of offerings, one must select a house sitting for one summer break. Quite an experience of a lifetime.


My pick from all of alternate stays, CouchSurfing lets you mingle with like-minded hosts like never before. Be sure to check the profiles and previous feedbacks from backpackers on the portal basis on which you will make your host selection, keeping safety as a priority and you are set to explore cities never seen with locals. The community allows mutual knowledge sharing amongst hosts and guests at a nominal price with flexibility in accordance of your choice.

Let not a premonition of pricey stay intimidate the wanderlust soul in you. Explore the States in the mentioned alternate stays to immerse in the culture in true sense, “Fanfare of the common man”. Do you have any suggestion or wanna share an experience of a cheap and quirk accommodation in USA? Please feel free to comment below.

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